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What’s in your wallet? Find out more about Norway’s currency and common forms of payment

The Norwegian Krone is most often represented either as NOK (preceding the number), Nrk (preceding the number) or simply kr (following the amount). One Norwegian Krone (NOK 1) equals 100 øre. Coins come in denominations of 50 øre, NOK 1, NOK 5, NOK 10 and NOK 20, and notes come in denomination of NOK 50, NOK 100, NOK 200, NOK 500 and NOK 1000.

It is possible to exchange money in most banks near tourist information centres. In some places, however, the only way to exchange money is at post offices, where the exchange fee might be as high as NOK 75 (approx. $9 USD).

You can see current conversion rates at

Minibanks (the Norwegian name for ATMs) can be found adjacent to many banks and near busy public places, like shopping centres and central train stations. You can withdraw cash using major credit cards or Cirrus, Visa Electron or Plus debit cards with a 4-digit PIN. Banking fees for ATM withdrawals and foreign transactions vary widely, so please check the rates with your bank(s).

Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard, Diners Club and American Express credit cards are widely accepted throughout Norway and can be used to buy train tickets or make purchases on some (but not all) domestic ferries and Hurtigruten cruises. Please note that not all places accept debit cards.

Although less common, travellers cheques are also accepted at banks and major hotels or tourist centres. The exchange fees vary by location.

If your card is lost or stolen in Norway, please report it immediately.
American Express (Tel: 22 96 08 00)
Diners Club (Tel: 21 01 50 00)
MasterCard/EuroCard (Tel: 21 01 52 22)
VISA (Tel: 08989)

OTHER LOST & FOUND (Properties, not credit cards)
Please contact the non-emergency police number at 02800.

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